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It takes a lot of creativity, technical skill, and hard work to produce a successful TV program. Luckily, nobody at The Cooking Show has figured that out, which is why aspiring producer Jeff Haynes teamed up with voracious eater and host Alex Bender to launch a new perspective in food entertainment.

Not burdened by the traditional cooking show formula or conventions of TV production, these two opposing personalities push each other to their limits of culinary competence and good sense.

Whether preparing comforting childhood classics in Studio Kitchen, exploring indigenous favourites in far-off lands, or flouting danger and extreme weather while camping in the wilderness of Canada, The Cooking Show always delivers laughs along with the occasional great recipe or cautionary tale.

These long-time friends don't always get things perfect, but they sure have a lot of fun trying - and sometimes even they are surprised by the results.
Photo: David Nam