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S01E06: Giro d'Italia

The guys from the Cooking Show love road trips, and in this special one-hour episode they're tearing up the European pavement from Berlin down to Rome.

After the Autobahn, the towering Alps, and a few stops for directions, they arrive in the mountains of northern Italy where Alex's cousin stuffs a couple hundred Euros worth of Porcini mushrooms and Truffle into his Risotto. Not to be outdone, Aunt Louisa serves up her famous salt-cured beef in the regional dish Carne Salada.

A stroll through the narrow Tuscan streets of Siena and some great meals in Rome have inspired the guys to recreate some of their favourite local dishes back in Studio Kitchen. Tortellini Soup, fried rice balls called Suppli, and the giant Italian meatball Polpetone are all on the menu tonight as Alex channels his Roman roots.